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Donor Milk Program

At Mowbray Maternity, we believe it is vital that babies are fed breast milk rather than formula milk.  Breast milk is simply the best nutritional choice for your baby. Breast milk is unique in that it is a living nutritional fluid: It contains antibodies, enzymes and hormones. Formula has none of these. In addition, the methods of formula feeding markedly increase the risk of the infection of the infant. Breastfeeding has been shown to significantly reduce infant morbidity and mortality in poorly resourced settings.

[Journal of Paed.2006;149:549-561], [BMJ 2008; 336: 881-887]

To ensure babies whose mothers aren’t able to provide milk (or provide enough) are still able to feed on breast milk, we have partnered with a local NPO, Milk Matters. Milk Matters is a Cape Town based non-profit organization that collects and supplies breast milk to babies deprived of their own mothers' milk, giving them “the best possible start to life”. The organization recruits mothers from the community to donate their milk. Donors undergo a general health screening and are required to provide a recent HIV test result.

As a further precaution, we pasteurise the milk upon receiving it.

Red Cross Children’s Hospital

We refer babies to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital when they need highly specialized paediatric care or surgery.

Groote Schuur Hospital

Mothers or mothers to be are referred to Groote Schuur Hospital when they require highly specialized healthcare or surgery.